Job Readiness Coaching

Learn the skills to get lucky when others struggle to find work in Australia

We coach clients in a variety of skills that enable them to break down overcome the barriers they encounter in their search for work in their field of study. Our sessions are practical, fun and effective, and delivered by our Lead Instructor, David Duenzl, who has over 8 years of experience in coaching business clients professional development, career coaching, language and communications coaching along with other professional and English language courses.


Schedule a time that suits you evenings or weekends. Learn the skills you need to successfully start your career or make a smooth transition. at day to day communication. Whichever skills you’re looking to improve, we’ll look at your resume and cover letter and provide tips on easy ways to improve it, look at your existing network and where there may be hidden opportunities to explore, evaluate your LinkedIn and other social media profiles, and help you develop your interview and general communication skills.
As part of our service you will receive:

1. A personalised report detailing your current level in relation to the role you are looking for across a matrix of:

  • Technical skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Overall communication skills
  • Personal brand review

2. 4 x 90-minute sessions to practice the techniques that will ensure your success

  • Recorded for your own evaluation post-session
  • Personalised class notes on file for future reference
  • Tips and exercises to practice the most crucial aspects of building your career/going for a job

3. Scripts to use when talking with recruiters or hiring managers on the phone

4. 30 days email and phone support to help you prepare for your interview/final touch ups of your CV or resume.


The program is delivered in 2 months across the following skills:

  • resume and cover letter writing
  • professional networking
  • interview skills
  • personal branding
  • communication skills
  • Social media profile

The program is delivered across 4 x 90-minute sessions for individuals and a 2-day workshop for groups.

Call 0468 326 578 for more details.


Learn how to create a positive first impression so that you can be considered more positively amongst hundreds of applicants. Understand what qualities employers are looking for. Not all employers are looking for the same things even with similar sounding job titles. learn how to appropriately tailor your cover letter and resume to get you in front of your desired employer.


Many experienced professionals have poorly developed networks yet the way forward is incredibly simple. It’s a crucial skill yet often overlooked. Learn how to connect with other humans confidently, make a positive first impression and prepare the path for your future success. Learn how to make it easy for people to refer you to opportunities and back you up when you apply for roles.


So you’ve passed the first hurdle of being considered to interview. What next? Learn how to articulate your skills well and provide examples that match what the employer is looking for. Practice with a group of experienced line managers and recruiters and work on areas specific to you. Then when you walk into an interview, you’ll have confidence you relay how you can help solve the problems the hiring manager is facing.


Learn how to create an interesting and engaging personal brand even if you think the concept is ridiculous. One of the first things a future employer does after reviewing your CV is to search for you on Google. Think of it as tidying up your house, you wouldn’t want guests to see a poorly presented version of you, would you? How people perceive you can be more important than who you actually are, especially if the hiring manager hasn’t met you.


So much of our communication is non-verbal, so learning various postures, poses and techniques empowers you to create lasting impressions and relay confidence in you as a candidate. Learn how to persuade and influence others for a win-win.


LinkedIn, Facebook, Opportunity and others are powerful personal branding tools, with LinkedIn being one of the most popular and effective in Australia. Learn how to craft a profile that shows prospective employers who you are, what you value and who else you are connected to. You’ll no doubt find value in polishing up your profile with some simple and effective tips.

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