Me in a Minute – Introduce yourself confidently

Introduce yourself confidently

Me in a Minute – Introduce yourself confidently

So you walk into a room full of strangers that you wanted to meet, but rather than confidently introduce yourself, you just freeze.

Nothing, nada.

It’s not that you don’t have anything interesting to say. Surely after a few wines you’d be able to share fun and interesting parts of your life’s journey. It’s just that at this point, you freeze.

A useful way to get past this is to create a short self-introduction. Your audience will be engaged and you’ll learn how you articulate yourself. Your gestures and body language will also naturally evolve which translates into engaged listeners.

It works just as good at job interviews as it does at networking events or when you’re on your first date with someone very interesting. Also, you don’t need to be an extrovert or overly charismatic to get good at it. You just need some simple techniques and a place to practice.

Why do it?


Creating a Me in a Minute video gives you an edge and is a way to proactively boost your chances of getting employed or making a positive impact on your network.

On your way to finding interesting and meaningful work, this type of reflective activity can help order your thoughts. No doubt you’re an interesting candidate, so learn to confidently articulate yourself.

Is it hard to introduce yourself?


Not at all. Well, OK, we better qualify that statement. A minute clip of yourself may not be that difficult if you’re used to taking plenty of selfies or appearing in front of the camera. For the uninitiated though, it can feel incredibly nerve-wracking. We created a series of prompts to get you focused. In the right frame of mind, you can easily present your strengths and positive qualities easily.

Me in a Minute is a quick way to introduce yourself in the form of a movie. It is a great self-promotion tool to get a better understanding of who you are. You’ll also become clear on what have you achieved in the past to appeal the employers in the highly competitive market.

Make sure you’re easily understood too by cleaning up your pronunciation and create a positive first impression.

Who is it for?


If English is your second, you might find it difficult to articulate yourself and create a positive first impression. We walk you through the steps and give you the tools to overcome any shyness or difficulty in presenting yourself.


Useful clarity


Book designer Chip Kidd talks about this concept in his Ted Talk on first impressions, and the Me in a Minute concept empowers you to introduce yourself and provide clarity to your audience about your value.


If you’re in town and would like to join us at one of these workshops, follow the link and register.

Thursday, July 12th from 6pm.

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