Holiday Program

2019 Holiday Program in Melbourne

We run 2-week and  4-week holiday programs twice a year during the January and February and July and August holidays.

The programs run in 4 main groups:

10 to 12 year olds

13 to 14 year olds

15 to 17 year olds

University students.

English classes, adventure, activities and an Australian cultural experience.

Have fun and learn!

Our mission is to enable non-native English speakers to realise their potential. This holiday program develops your children’s strengths and turns your weaknesses around. We have worked with English learners at a variety of levels, from beginners to the more advanced, to create a variety of activity-based communication programs that draws on all facets of language – conversational speech, academic and casual writing, and advanced reading comprehension – to ensure your child walks away with confidence and skill to master English.

A mix of structured and unstructured exercises enables learners to adapt to a range of scenarios. By replacing existing habits with fluid skills you will master communicating in English.

Our activities and excursions are highly interactive so whether you’re in a classroom or out at one of the locations you will up on your feet, expressing your ideas, using English, creating stories, developing your language ability and having fun.

Some of our planned excursions:

  • State Library
  • National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)
  • Melbourne Museum
  • Captain Cook Cottage (Fitzroy Gardens)
  • Original Lanes and Arcades Walk
  • Williamstown beach and historic areas
  • Tree surfing
  • Rock climbing

Students get out and about around Melbourne and access creative educational resources that help them learn in new and challenging ways.

While enhancing English skills, joining a school community or enjoying exciting excursions, students are actually developing the self assurance, discipline and focus they need for independent study.



Our activities take students out of the classroom and into the beautiful and exciting landscapes Melbourne and Victoria have to offer. Students get to practise using common English and have fun at the same time! They build lasting friendships and get a taste of the world’s most liveable city.


Our activities match the weather and range from tree-surfing and rock-climbing to laser tag and mini golf. The activities all have learning outcomes and while we keep things fun your kids are learning and improving their English at the same time.


Stay with kind and friendly homestay families and enjoy a unique cultural experience. Learn local customs, cooking and manners and develop friendships with host families that last a lifetime. Get to see the sights with a local guide and learn about the world outside your own city.


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Speak to our consultants in Melbourne to find out more

English: 0468 326 578
Korean/Japanese: 0431 412 790
Mandarin/Cantonese: 0402 576 478

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