Intermediate English


Take the Plunge with Intermediate English Classes Available in Melbourne


If you have taken our beginner course and learnt the basics – but are ready to take your learning to the next level – enrol in one of our personalised English courses for intermediate learners. We’ll listen to your learning needs and work with you to develop a program that sees you advance your language skills for the better.


Whether you’re looking for help to increase your skills and confidence in talking on the phone, in front of meetings and conferences, or to your colleagues, we are able to help. In addition, we are able to teach you the skills you are looking for in all levels of reading comprehension, corporate writing and conversational English. Just ask us how.


Alone or with colleagues – we have the course for you


Whether you’re in a group setting or you’d prefer to learn alone, you’ll find a lot of advantage in signing up with English for Leaders. Not only do our instructors boast a wealth of experience with a number of English learners, they also create a warm and friendly classroom environment to help you feel right at home.


Our programs are perfect for self-motivated learners and businesses alike. We take the time to understand you, your personality and your goals for learning English, and devise a customisable and flexible plan that will help you reach your full potential.


A practical and theoretical approach to learning


What’s best is that we combine the nitty gritty of spelling and grammar rules with the more exciting feeling of being out in the real world and practicing your skills first-hand. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever experience the effects of the classroom in the real world, and that’s why we try and take you on excursions as much as possible, so you can practice in environments you’re most familiar with.


Contact our friendly course advisors to get started


We are more than ready to start working with you as an individual or with your business to provide the skills and knowledge you need. If you know what you want to achieve from your English classes, or if you would prefer some guidance instead, we can work with you and your unique requirements to create a custom learning plan.


Contact us on 0468 326 578 for more details.


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