Can you learn charm?

Can you learn charm?

Can you learn charm?


I’m sure that you have met someone who has left a lasting impression even if you hadn’t spent much time with them. Perhaps it was someone you volunteered alongside, people at a networking event you attended, or colleagues in your company, there are always charismatic people who exert a magnetic attraction. What is it? Charm.

When referring to charm, I am not talking about an attractive appearance, I am talking about an engaging quality to which we respond powerfully and emotionally, almost instinctively.

Some people have a natural quality of attraction even though it is not something defined in human genes. Whether you believe it or not though, charm can be developed through a range of techniques. In this article, you will find the mystery of charm and how you can acquire it.

The key to the career advancement door


Can you imagine what your advantages are if you have charm in the business world?

You will sell more to your customers, negotiate more effectively with your partners to make better deals and your colleagues will want to spend time with you because they are charmed by you.

There are doors that will be opened only for you.

Mystery of charm


Remember when you meet someone with talent that swept you away with their charm? Did they express their interest towards you when listening intently and appreciate your opinions? Feel like you are an important person to them? Did they simply give you the attention you were looking for?

Think about the power of being able to make someone feel great about themselves. It is a skill that diplomats, politicians, successful entrepreneurs and celebrities nurture and develop daily.

The fourth level of the Maslow hierarchy is the need for esteem. Almost everyone needs respect and appreciation for their efforts. The secret of charm is simply to make others feel important. But it is not that easy, you will need to know the magic of active listening and the art of speaking. Here are some starters:

  • Make people confident when they are themselves, always welcome them with a smile and warmth.
  • Whenever you show appreciation to others for what they have done, they feel valued and more capable. Smile and say ‘thank you’ sincerely for anything they do that you appreciate.
  • When Abraham Lincoln said “Everyone likes a compliment”, he was clued into the idea that you can change a person’s outlook and behaviour through positive feedback. Don’t be stingy with your compliments but you should be careful. You need to use them wisely and at the right time. It could be as simple as acknowledging someone’s nice work in a presentation.
  • Paying attention to someone is the most effective way to build their self-esteem and the key to being instantly charming.

You can learn charm. How?


  1. Think of the most charming person you know and observe them. How do they exude confidence in others? In your own way, mimic and learn how to become more charming and persuasive.
  2. The next time you meet someone special, remember to smile and pay them sufficient attention, ensuring they feel special without overdoing it. Too much attention and you may come across as being needy.
  3. Practice with trusted people around you and be aware of how you communicate. Do you control and direct the conversation or are you only ever responding to others’direction? You’ll need to work on taking the lead on occasion if you want to develop your charm.

You will soon realize that you can communicate more deeply with a person in a short time by listening attentively and asking thoughtful questions.

People with charisma often get heard and have more opportunities to express themselves. With charm, you’ll increase your own chance of success, be privy to information others may never hear and possibly even be given more lenient treatment for mistakes that others might be seriously rebuked for. To be honest, no one can deny a smart and delicate charm, right?

If you’d like to develop your charm, get in touch. Our tailored communication program covers this subtle yet powerful skill. Working with our experienced and well-travelled instructors, develop this vital communication skill that opens doors and connects you to your goals.

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