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A space designed for you. A union of artisan craftsmanship and functionality. Timeless style to suit your mood.

Classes together or just for you

Take a group class for day to day English or try one of our business classes. We have a variety of options for you.

Conveniently located in the city

We are conveniently located next to tram stop number 5 on route 11, 12, 48 and 109 or a quick walk from Flinders Street station.

Pay how you want to

Convenient payment options and plans to suit every budget and goal.

Connect and learn

Melbourne is social and so are we. Our events give you access to new friends and connections and are a great way to practise your English.

High quality instruction

Our experienced teachers know when to challenge and when to support. Learn how to accelerate your learning.

Love learning again

We love what we do and ensure that excitement is in all our classes.

Fully interactive classes

Our class sizes are small so you get plenty of time to practise and ask questions.

Students from around the world

Our classes have a great mix of cultures and people from many different countries.


Our services & offers

Improve your Business English

Improve your Business English

Practise the skills with a group of business professionals that all have a strong desire to succeed.
Job Ready Program

Job Ready Program

Walk out with a job or come back for free.
Pronunciation Course

Pronunciation Course

We teach advanced learners to use the full range of English sounds, structures, and intonation in their speech.








Pronunciation Course


We teach advanced learners to use the full range of English sounds, structures, and intonation in their speech. Our course is practical, fun and effective, and is delivered by our Lead Instructor, David Duenzl, who has over 8 years of experience in teaching pronunciation along with other English courses.

The Key Skills you’ll develop in this course:

  • Fluency
  • Sound Production
  • Connected Speech
  • Intonation
  • Rhythm
  • Tone for business or casual settings


So you walk into a room full of strangers that you wanted to meet, but rather than confidently introduce yourself, you just freeze. Nothing, nada. It's not that you don't have anything interesting to say. Surely after a few wines you'd be able to share fun and interesting parts of your life's journey. It's just that at this point, you freeze....

People in power get there because of their ability to make smart decisions. In my dealings with business leaders and teams, you see who rise above the day to day through patience and being decisive. They take the lead and regardless of the outcome, have the confidence to see their decisions through....

I’m sure that you have met someone who has left a lasting impression even if you hadn’t spent much time with them. There are always charismatic people who exert a magnetic attraction. What is it?...

You think your pronunciation is pretty good. You've just taken some English classes. Your teacher understands you. And then... “Huh?” “Sorry, what was that?” How many times does this happen to you when you’re speaking in real life? Your vocabulary might be extensive but if your pronunciation isn't up to scratch, it might still be difficult for people to understand you....

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